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Healthcare interior design trends for 2021 and the post-vaccinated beyond

Healthcare interior design trends for 2021 and the post-vaccinated beyond

Hospital interior design is not often fast-moving. Each year we see ways to make waiting rooms a little more comfortable and welcoming, and furniture improves alongside to be more flexible in its use and a better fit for modern humans. In this article, we look at some of the healthcare interior design trends that will continue throughout 2021 and the post vaccinated-beyond.

Before 2020, shifts were typically incremental. But, as well all know, these have not been typical years. Healthcare providers — GPs, hospitals and even pop-up testing and vaccination centres — have taken on rapid layout design changes. Sanitiser stations, floor markers for social distancing and unprecedented patient feedback have all made massive marks on these institutions.

Design trends of the post-vaccinated healthcare centre are set to be more patient-centric than ever before. That’s because:

  • Mental health awareness has increased
  • The need for high empathy has been highlighted
  • Communication has become essential to keeping people calm
  • Poor messaging has sparked extreme fear or confusion.

These are the threads that influence the interior design trends of 2021 and beyond. Hospitals, GPs and other healthcare providers need to create spaces that put people at ease, consider their mental state and offer clarity about what is expected from them and what comes next.

Multi-use spaces

Sitting in a waiting room is a stressful experience. Giving people the ability to move to different spots in the space can help them to find a seat that soothes their stress levels. Even if your clinic is small, offering a few different seating options can be very helpful to your patients. If you have the space, consider a range of seating, including a large desk, single chairs, and a few lounges of different sizes.


Why biophilic design in healthcare is important

Purchases of houseplants increased significantly in 2020 as people sought to get their nature fix indoors while they were unable to go out. This trend has influenced the appreciation of plants for mental health and wellbeing. This link is not new, but the consciousness of the public around the soothing benefits of plants is on the rise. When walking into a space that has a biophilic design, they associate it with being a safe space.

Technological solutions

Technological solutions for healthcare interior design trends

Now that tech adoption and literacy have boomed across all age groups, there will be an expectation from many patients that these convenient services continue. To accommodate this, healthcare facilities will need to be designed with tech-hooked-up rooms where practitioners can video call patients, share their screen and perform assessments uninterrupted. For patients on-site, tech stations should be considered in the design to give patients a place to recharge and talk on the phone.

Local first focus

Communities have united through this experience and realised the importance of supporting local when suddenly cut off from the world. Choosing art from local artists, selling food from local suppliers, and working with local companies for a range of services help make patients proud of their community, promoting solidarity. What’s more, learning about these local stories help to keep patients occupied and thus more calm as they wait.


Healthcare interior design trends - Wayfinding using colour coding

When staff and practitioners are busy, it’s important that patients can find their own way to their destination without feeling flustered and uncertain. Signs can (and should) help with this, but there are also more visually appealing ways to guide patients and visitors on their way. Patterns or colours in the flooring design can lead the way to particular destinations.

Healthcare interior design trends – find out more

Working with healthcare furniture for almost two decades, our team at David Bailey Furniture Systems have seen just about every design trend over the years. And we never get tired of customising solutions to help architects bring these spaces to life, adding practical furniture solutions that meet the latest aesthetics. Please get in touch to discuss how we may help with your next healthcare interior design project.