Fly on the wall video of David Bailey business operations team planning


The events that have affected business over the past few years including Brexit, the Covid-19 Pandemic and more recently the Ukraine war saw changes to the economy and business landscape.

During this time David Bailey Furniture Systems (DBFS) adapted and met the challenges head on and saw a period of growth and staff expansion with some notable new contracts.

As we entered 2022 the DBFS business operations team took time to reflect and plan. We gave the marketing team, equipped with video cameras, exclusive access to record the discussions and how we intend to keep adapting and meeting the economic changes head on by working with our key stakeholders.

And of course while there were serious sales, marketing and business operations observations & discussions the presence of the video cameras inevitably led to some bloopers. The out-takes will be shared because we believe in having fun while delivering a professional service.