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David Bailey Furniture – helping to enhance patient care at Maidstone Hospital

David Bailey Furniture Systems (DBFS), a leading manufacturer of specialist healthcare fitted furniture, has been chosen to supply a wide range of new systems, as part of a major redevelopment at the Stroke Unit at Maidstone Hospital, managed by the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

The project, currently in Phase Two, aims to expand the unit’s bed capacity and enhance its capabilities to deliver exceptional care to the community. DBFS is providing high-quality specialist fitted furniture, including thick bullnose fully moulded worktops, ABS lipped worktops, white adjustable spur shelving systems, together with various base, wall and drawer line units.

DBFS is also transforming multiple spaces within the project, including the Ward Pantry, ASU Bed Bays, Reception and Office, Utility Cupboard, Equipment Store, Sister’s Office, Consultants Office, and supplying & installing bespoke Staff Bases and Nurse Stations. These bespoke elements reflect DBFS’s ability to adapt to the specific needs of each space, ensuring a seamless integration with the overall design and functionality of the unit.

“We are delighted to be a part of this important project and to play a role in enhancing the Stroke Unit at Maidstone Hospital,” said Tony Huggins, Managing Director, David Bailey Furniture. “Our team is committed to providing high-quality fitted furniture that will create a healing environment for patients and staff alike.”

Once the refurbishment is complete, the new stroke unit at Maidstone Hospital, part of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust will be significantly enhanced as a major facility for the local community. Patients will benefit from a carefully-designed unit that puts their needs first, providing a sturdy, hygienic, and attractive environment conducive to optimal recovery.

DBFS’s involvement began in November 2023 with the supply and installation of their extensive range of healthcare fitted furniture. Their team, working in collaboration with WW Martin Limited, has meticulously planned and executed the installation process.

A testament to DBFS’s adaptability was the creation of a central corridor through the site, enabling patients and staff to continue moving freely throughout the hospital during the refurbishment. This has minimised disruption helping staff to prioritise patient care.

“By working hand-in-hand with DBFS, we were able to seamlessly integrate the new furniture into the existing building,” said W.W. Martin, Project Manager for WW Martin Limited. “Adapting to ever-changing needs is the cornerstone of healthcare facility design. The creation of the central corridor, in particular, exemplified the innovative spirit that allowed us to prioritise patient well-being even during a major refurbishment such as this.”

Architects for the project, Hazle McCormack Young (HMY), envisioned a modern, efficient space that would foster a healing environment. DBFS has responded to this challenge with its wide range of high-quality specialist fitted furniture.

For David Bailey Furniture, its involvement in this project further underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing patient care and improving healthcare facilities wherever its products are specified and installed.

Powis & Partners Veterinary Practice

In a strategic pursuit to enhance operational capabilities and raise the bar for pet care, Powis & Partners Veterinary Practice, situated in Stourbridge, recently embarked on a transformative journey. Collaborating with contractors Gravitas Build Ltd, the project aimed to breathe new life into the former premises of a KFC and Halfords, culminating in the creation of a modern, efficient, and cutting-edge veterinary facility.

At the heart of this revolutionary venture was the integration of bespoke fitted furniture solutions from David Bailey Furniture. This partnership sought to overhaul various aspects of the practice, from consultation rooms to laboratories, with the overarching goal of revolutionising the practice’s infrastructure and aesthetics.

The journey commenced in January 2023, as the transformation of the former retail space began. David Bailey Furniture Systems provided a comprehensive range of fitted units that seamlessly met the evolving needs of the practice. Bob Hayward of Gravitas Build Ltd commended the teamwork and efficiency, stating, “David Bailey Furniture supplied and fitted everything we needed to complete this contract on time and within budget.”

Architect at Work on a Healthcare Project

As an architect working on a healthcare project, choosing the right storage is crucial. Should it be HTM71 or HTM63. They might seem similar, but each offers distinct advantages.
Think of HTM63 as the sturdy backbone. These fixed units are perfect for heavy equipment and records, bolted to walls for stability.
They are cost-effective, but less flexible.

They are however, ideal for wards, clinics and labs where core storage matters most. HTM71 is where things get dynamic! Trays and containers fit seamlessly into units, creating an adaptable system.

If you need more space for supplies – then this is not a problem.
There is also a plus, as you get easier access to equipment boosting workflow and infection control. This is perfect for treatment rooms and operating theatres where flexibility is paramount.

But which one to choose? It all depends on the overall design. If, for example, your design includes a sink, then the HTM71 option is out – space really matters here. You also need to consider staff access, your budget, and the timeline. Infection control is also paramount.
This is where David Bailey Furniture comes in. We are more than just furniture suppliers – we are trusted advisors in the intricate world of healthcare specifications.

We offer both HTM63 and HTM71 options, from base units to custom trays, and our expertise can help you choose the perfect solution.
Please check out our website for a more detailed explanation of the differences between HTM71 and HTM63 – or contact us to know more.

Toprail has redefined the world of fitted furniture with inventive designs

Toprail has redefined the world of fitted furniture with inventive designs.

It’s a revolutionary product range, meticulously engineered to provide unparalleled adaptability.

Toprail systems are so versatile and adaptable it makes them ideal for a wide range of healthcare environments.

A proven game changer, the systems include rails and uprights, which help deliver customisable shelving and storage solutions, worktops, notice boards and much more.

It allows users to break free from the confines of traditional fitted furniture solutions.

By offering effortless configuration and reconfiguration capabilities, Toprail literally empowers users to transform any space, a concept limited only by imagination.

This is Carewell Vets

This is Carewell Vets, a veterinary practice based in Lingfield.

They partnered with David Bailey Furniture, to create a modern cutting-edge facility, incorporating a range of bespoke furniture solutions.

For a Consultancy Room, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Theatre, X-Ray, Preparation Room, Cat Ward, and a Dog Ward.

The design featured a fresh, contemporary look featuring White Frontages and Chrome handles.

To meet stringent hygiene standards, TopLab Base 16mm worktops in Silver Grey were also used.

The result – a superior working environment for the veterinary team and a welcoming atmosphere for patients and visitors.

The case for choosing British-Made Fitted Furniture

If you are looking for quality fitted furniture solutions for hospitals, healthcare centres, veterinary practices, or schools, there is an indisputable case for buying British – wherever possible. It’s not just about supporting local jobs and UK businesses – it’s about ensuring unparalleled quality and delivering environmental responsibility, writes Tony Huggins, Managing Director of David Bailey Furniture.

At David Bailey Furniture, we have over 40 years of experience in the industry and an extensive presence in UK hospitals and are regarded as a reliable and experienced partner for such projects. So, why settle for anything less than the best? Trust in decades of experience for when it comes to fitted furniture solutions, there is a smart choice. Choose British. Choose quality. Choose sustainability. Choose success.

Solutions for the Disabled from David Bailey Furniture

David Bailey Furniture is committed to designing and manufacturing fitted furniture solutions that prioritise accessibility.

This empowers individuals with disabilities to live fulfilling lives.
While meeting the needs of the able-bodied, our systems also cater for those with different mobility challenges.
This ensures compliance with accessibility regulations while accommodating different diverse needs.

Our range includes height-adjustable worktops, reception desks with easy access, furniture with sufficient space for wheelchair users and much more.
These inclusive designs positively impact patient well-being in healthcare settings, promote autonomy in care homes, and foster an inclusive learning environment in schools.
It is why we shall continue to advance, refine, and expand our solutions to meet the evolving needs of those with disabilities.

Eating disorders and vulnerable patients - and how well-designed furniture is meeting the mental health challenge

Research indicates a significant rise in the prevalence of eating disorders in recent years, with severe consequences for individuals and society as a whole. The National Health Service (NHS) reports that hospital admissions for eating disorders in England alone reached over 24,000 in 2020-2021, marking an 84% increase over the past five years, writes Tony Huggins Managing, Director of David Bailey Furniture

With the rising number of mental health issues and as a specialist supplier of fitted furniture systems to the NHS, it is a trend that is presenting a growing number of new challenges for companies like ours. We have seen a growing need for furniture that delivers anti-ligatures properties to prevent unnecessary suicide attempts. There is also more emphasis on the importance of incorporating unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors and anti-ligature hooks with magnets or adhesive fixings for the safety and well-being of patients seeking treatment.

Experience Excellence in Healthcare Furniture Manufacturing – Join Us at the Healthcare Estates Conference in October!

For over 40 years, David Bailey Furniture Systems has proudly stood as one of the UK’s foremost manufacturers of fitted furniture for the healthcare sector.
We are thrilled to invite you to meet us in person at the upcoming Healthcare Estates Conference in October, where we’ll showcase our renowned storage solutions.

Based in the vibrant hub of Broadstairs, Kent, our team of skilled and dedicated professionals is at the heart of our success.
Supported by a network of experienced fitters strategically positioned throughout the UK, we ensure a seamless, start-to-finish service of the highest quality.
What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, flexibility, and reliability.

These qualities have earned us an enviable reputation, with a significant portion of our hospital furniture contracts being secured through glowing recommendations from satisfied clients.

Our Healthcare range of fitted furniture can be found in the most esteemed NHS and private hospitals across the country.
Its excellence extends beyond hospitals, as it is also specified for various healthcare projects, including health centres, nursing homes, doctors’ surgeries, and dental practices.

Wherever healthcare environments demand excellence, David Bailey Furniture Systems delivers.
Rest assured that our furniture ranges, HTM 63 and HTM 71, meet the specific requirements outlined by the Department of Health in their Health Technical Memorandums.

We go above and beyond to ensure our products align with the highest industry standards, guaranteeing the utmost safety and functionality for healthcare spaces.
Join us at the Healthcare Estates Conference in October and experience first hand the quality, innovation, and expertise that have made David Bailey Furniture Systems a trusted name in healthcare furniture manufacturing.

We can’t wait to meet you and discuss how we can meet your unique requirements.
Visit our stand at the conference or contact us today to schedule a personal consultation.
Let us transform your healthcare spaces with our unrivalled solutions.

David Bailey Furniture Systems – Elevating Healthcare Furniture to New Heights!

Moisture Resistant Furniture

At David Bailey Furniture every single plinth on our fitted furniture is moisture resistant.

This meets the demanding standards of the NHS and other key customers.
When requested we will manufacture moisture resistant furniture to order.

It is specially designed to withstand the challenging environment of hospitals and healthcare settings where moisture and humidity are prevalent.

Our moisture resistant MDF is engineered to provides superior performance.

It makes it an excellent choice for storage units, cabinets, and shelving that need to withstand heavy use and exposure to moisture.

What a reception desk tells you about your hospital

Hospital reception desks play such a crucial role in creating a welcoming and efficient environment, that even the NHS has recognised their importance – understanding that good design features deliver the best possible experience for patients, staff and visitors.

For manufacturers like us, who have been providing fitted furniture solutions for hospitals for more than 40 years, there is now more emphasis than ever on the importance of reception areas as accessible hubs, whether they are located in public spaces or wards.

With more emphasis on accessibility, the NHS recommends that reception desks be designed to cater to patients and visitors with disabilities, such as wheelchair users as well as the able bodied. The desks should be at an appropriate height and have clear floor space to ensure that wheelchair users can easily access them. Additionally, the desks should also be designed to cater to people with hearing and visual impairments. This can be achieved through the use of hearing loops, Braille signage, and clear and large print.

Another important design feature for reception desks in hospitals is their size and layout. A well-designed reception desk should be large enough to accommodate multiple staff members at the same time. The desk should also be designed in a way that allows staff to move around freely and have easy access to computers, phones, and other necessary equipment.

David Bailey Furniture work closely with architects and hospitals to achieve such an environment, offering a choice of soft colours and bespoke design, but while the NHS has provided guidance on the best features for reception desks, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal found that the designs in hospitals varied widely in terms of accessibility, size, and appearance.

Many hospitals did not meet the necessary standards for accessibility, with some desks being too high for wheelchair users to reach. Additionally, according to the article, some hospitals had cluttered and poorly lit reception areas, which created a stressful environment for patients and visitors – a situation which is gradually changing as NHS Trusts update buildings.

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School Branding

How do parents, staff and students view your school?

Has it got a strong brand identity?

Good branding helps to create a sense of community.

When students see their school’s logo and colours consistently displayed throughout the building, it creates a feeling of belonging and pride, leading, according to some experts, to an increase in school spirit and a more positive culture.

Good branding covers everything – and that includes the storage units and other items of fitted furniture, manufactured in colours that reflect that branding.

We at David Bailey Furniture have been working with schools for more than 40 years, supplying storage units and other essential fitted furniture items in colours that reflect a school’s identity.

By working with fitted furniture manufacturers like us, we can ensure that our experts will help you to choose colours that match your branding, ensuring a consistent look throughout the school

David Bailey Factory Tour

Here we are, at David Bailey Furniture, getting ready for another day’s work. It is first thing in the morning and, the staff are expected in soon, so now is a good time to show you where some of the magic happens.

This is our factory in Broadstairs, Kent. We are rather proud of it.
And this is where we manufacture our units and fitted furniture, mainly for the healthcare sectors.

We are now, one of the fastest growing organisations of our kind, increasing our turnover 20% year on year.

Our story started in 1982 when local entrepreneur David Bailey, decided to open a small manufacturing plant making domestic kitchens. The factory initially shared space with a transport company until the early 1990’s.

We have long since left domestic kitchens behind, and, in more recent years, we have also increased our presence in the schools and veterinary markets, in addition to healthcare.

Every order is bespoke, so we take great care to ensure that every detail is taken care of.

Quality at every stage of the production process is paramount, and, this is what David Bailey Furniture is all about. And that’s what our customers expect, after 40 years in the business.

We have recently completed the second stage in a £500,000 investment programme.

This investment has paid for three new machines, which, will help to significantly speed up our production process, and pave the way for new jobs.
Outwardly what the company produce are items of fitted furniture and storage units. Most would take these for granted, but take a closer look and you will discover that clever design can literally change lives.

Sample Clean Room

Sample Room Revit Format

As part of our support for architects we produced a Sample Clean Room as an Autodesk Revit BIM module. This can be downloaded from our Architect Centre. The video here shows you what’s included with an exploded view showing the separate elements included.  This sample room is ready to use in your project or as in a proposal as an example of our range.

Each element of the clean room is adjustable allowing you to configure a sample room that utilises David Bailey furniture designed to your specification. Download the core Autocad Revit file in the Architect Centre.

Virtual Tours - Wander Round David Bailey Installations

Critical Care & Medical Electronics

Staff Room & Training Room

Bullnose worktops with fully moulded upstands

Laminate worktop post-forming process

For a clinical environment we manufacture bullnose worktops with a fully moulded upstand. We manufacture these in our factory in Broadstairs, Kent, UK, where we have a post-forming machine specially designed for this purpose.  These conform to the HTM 63 and HTM 71 standards and ensure that the worktops:

  • Are easy to clean, disinfect & decontaminate
  • Reduce cross-contamination risks
  • Have no joints, therefore no cracks or holes for dirt and germs to penetrate
  • Are hardwearing, surviving impact marks and cuts from daily wear and tear
  • Can be renewed by scrubbing or sanding to easily remove blood, x-ray developer fluid and other staining materials

Our fully-moulded worktops are constructed from highly durable 0.9mm postforming grade laminate and are bonded onto either an MDF or moisture-resistant particle board core, and can be specified in an extensive choice of colours.

Fully moulded, postformed upstands are supplied 50mm high, with the option of 50mm high loose upstands if preferred. Our brochure explains all the different variations of bullnose and post-formed worktops we can provide.

Watch us preparing a worktop in the post-forming and hot press processes at our factory.