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David Bailey Furniture Systems is committed to the environment and has made substantial steps towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

We have created a culture within our workplace to look after the environment that we live in. Everything that can be recycled is recycled – from paper and cardboard to cartridge toners and metal.

In 2007, we invested in a burner, hopper and compactor with a £90,000 loan from the Carbon Trust. We now burn about 100 tonnes of mixed waste each year, which saves around 400 cubic meters of waste going to landfill. The burner enables us to harness the heat to use in our buildings during winter. Burning our waste at 850°C-1,000°C, combusts noxious emissions and any excess heat is released cleanly into the atmosphere.

The use of Polyvinyl Chloride – more commonly known as PVC – is hotly debated, and we have decided to seek non-toxic alternatives. PVC is an organochlorine compound, and as such is responsible for emissions to the environment during manufacture and disposal of extremely toxic and highly persistent organochlorine compounds – furans and dioxins.

In our attempt to become carbon neutral, we are conscious of offloading the responsibly to others. Not only do we use less packaging and use only cling film for wrapping our furniture, following a delivery we can dispose of the packaging on behalf of our customers to make sure it is efficiently recycled.

David Bailey is aware that every year an area the size of the UK is cleared of natural forest, which has a profound economical, social and environmental impact. All of the timber that we use in our Healthcare, Education and Veterinary ranges comes from sustainable sources. This means we can be confident that the wood we use is not contributing to the destruction of irreplaceable forests and woodland.

We are asking our customers to help us in our bid to become carbon neutral by helping us to reduce the number of deliveries we make. If your order is not urgent, we would like to combine our deliveries, and reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicles even further.