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From the M2 take the A299 (Thanet Way, Junction 7), then the A253 (Ramsgate). When you get to the new double roundabouts take the first left into Haine Road (A256).

From Haine Road turn right into Margate Road (A256), then turn left into Pysons Road, take the third left into Patricia Way and Pysons Road Industrial Estate, then take the first left into Lysander Close where you will find David Bailey Furniture Systems.

How to buy healthcare furniture direct from manufacturer

How to buy healthcare furniture direct from the manufacturer

The best way to buy healthcare furniture is directly from the manufacturer. It’s easier, cheaper, and you always know what you’re getting. Buying directly from the manufacturer cuts out any intermediary, meaning you know you’re always getting the best price for what you want.

Let’s take a look at why and how to buy furniture direct from the manufacturer. Buying directly is all about knowing what you want, knowing where to find it, and knowing what to look for.

Why buy healthcare furniture directly from the manufacturer?

The most obvious benefit to buying your healthcare furniture directly from the manufacturer is the price. Buying your furniture directly from the company that makes it means there’s no healthcare furniture supplier in the middle to take a cut, which in turn will save you money on your furniture bill.

If you know what you want, buying from the manufacturer can also mean you’ll enjoy more choice, since most suppliers only stock a limited range. Browsing directly from the manufacturer means you can look through their entire catalogue of products, which will undoubtedly be significantly bigger than the products you’ll see from your local healthcare furniture supplier.

Buying directly from the manufacturer might also mean you’re more likely to get a better warranty on your items, as well as a warranty that’s easier to chase up. You should also look to buy from a British manufacturer, in part to support our local economy but also because British items won’t be subject to post-Brexit delays when being delivered, due to new import and export regulations affecting overseas purchases.

Finally, buying directly from the manufacturer means you should be able to buy custom-made furniture for your space. While this is less common when buying furniture for the home, in specialist settings such as hospitals and medical centres, it may be necessary to opt for custom-made reception desks, for example, that are designed to work in a specific space.

How to buy healthcare furniture direct from the manufacturer

Buying healthcare furniture directly from the manufacturer doesn’t have to be difficult. The first thing you’ll need to do is browse for manufacturers who make the kind of furniture you’re looking for.

This might mean looking for a manufacturer who specialises in making furniture for your industry. At David Bailey, we specialise in making healthcare and hospital furniture, including fitted storage furniture, for medical settings in the UK. Other manufacturers might specialise in shopfitting or industrial storage.

Once you’ve found a manufacturer who makes the kind of furniture you’re looking for, the world is your oyster. These days, most furniture manufacturers will have an online web presence, and some may even have their full catalogue online for you to browse.

When looking for healthcare furniture direct from the manufacturer, you’ll want to consider a few things:

  • Does this manufacturer offer custom-made items?
  • What is the delivery or shipping time from the manufacturer?
  • What is the manufacturer’s warranty on their furniture items?
  • What experience does the manufacturer have in supplying other facilities like your own?
  • Is the price better if you buy directly from the manufacturer?

While some of the answers to these questions may be found online, you might want to call the manufacturer directly to find out more about their products and services.

Since you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, it’s also always worth asking whether any discounts are available for buying in bulk, especially if you’re about to place a big order for a new healthcare facility refurbishment or another large scale project.

Why buying furniture direct is important in a healthcare setting

For managers working in the healthcare industry, buying furniture direct can be an important source of cost savings. In all public organisations, it’s important to make sure that every pound of public money spent goes towards maximising quality and value for taxpayers and staff. By buying furniture direct, healthcare managers can ensure that the furniture they buy is exactly what’s needed: made with a custom fit, priced to offer excellent value, and sold with a warranty that guarantees longevity.

Buying healthcare furniture – where to find out more

If you’re looking to buy specialist healthcare furniture directly from a manufacturer, contact us at David Bailey. We’re experts in crafting furniture for healthcare settings, designed using principles of ergonomics and functionality to maximise hygiene, capacity, comfort, and aesthetics in medical settings across the UK. View our range of healthcare furniture here.