Healthcare wall storage units

Made In Britain

Our versatile wall storage units for the hospital and healthcare market come in a variety of widths and feature a single, double and corner design, along with an open storage unit. We also offer a range of specialist cupboards, including a controlled drugs cupboard, ward drugs cupboard, medicine cupboard, urine test cupboard and a pack dispenser unit.

Single wall unit

1 Door
1 Adjustable shelf

400mm wide > Code HL/W4
500mm wide > Code HL/W5
600mm wide > Code HL/W6

Open wall unit

No doors
2 fixed shelves

500mm wide > Code HL/OW5
600mm wide > Code HL/OW6
800mm wide > Code HL/OW8
1000mm wide > Code HL/OW10
1200mm wide > Code HL/OW12

Corner wall unit

1 Door
1 Adjustable shelf

600mm x 600mm wide > Code HL/CW6

Double wall unit

2 Doors
1 Adjustable shelf
Centre division

800mm wide > Code HL/W8
1000mm wide > Code HL/W10
1200mm wide > Code HL/W12

N.B. For sliding doors add ‘S’ at end of code. For glass doors add ‘G’ at end of code, i.e. HL/W12/SG = 1200mm wide sliding glass doors.

Controlled drugs cupboard

1 External door with lock
1 Internal door with lock
Internal cupboard
4 Glass shelves
Internal wiring and warning lights
Door racks (optional extra)

600mm wide > Code HL/DD6

N.B. DBFS drugs cupboard to be supplied only to areas where buildings are occupied 24 hours a day.

Ward drugs cupboard

1 Door with lock
4 Fixed shelves

600mm wide > Code HL/WD6

Pack dispenser

1 Perspex door
2 Laminate faced flaps
3 Perspex divisions

600mm wide > Code HL/PD6

N.B. Available with fixed perspex panel and without flaps

Urine test cupboard

1 External door with lock
1 Central division
1 False back
2 Slim shelves
1 Full depth shelf

600mm wide > Code HL/UT6

Medicine cupboard

1 External door with lock
1 Swing out compartment with plastic trays
1 Shelf
3 Plastic door boxes

600mm wide > Code HL/MC6

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