Healthcare noticeboards & whiteboards

Made In Britain
Healthcare shelving

Healthcare noticeboards and whiteboards help facilitate communication between staff and patients and their families.

We can supply noticeboards for healthcare establishments with seven different surfaces – Best Buy Felt, Hessian, Felt, Loop Nylon, Sundeala K, Bacteriostatic Forbo Bulletin and Cork – and various frame options – aluminium, wood effect and unframed.

We can provide a wide variety of magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards with dry wipe surfaces. These include healthcare whiteboards for wall fixing, mobile whiteboards on wheels, pre-printed customised whiteboards and lockable whiteboards with doors.

Our noticeboards and whiteboards are available in various standard sizes to suit your specific requirements.

If you have any questions about our noticeboards and whiteboards for healthcare environments email us, or fill in our enquiry form. Alternatively you can call us on 01843 604896.

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