David Bailey Furniture Systems Brochure

Quickly find what you need by flicking through the pages of our interactive brochure. Click the forward or back arrows or click the bottom corner of the page (swipe on mobiles and tablets). You can download an offline copy by clicking the download icon in the top control bar.

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Navigation tips:

  1. To zoom in/out: Slide the magnifier bar left and right or use a mouse scroll wheel. On a mobile or tablet pinch to change size.
  2. Full screen: Click the full screen icon to expand the brochure to the available height of your display. Click the icon to return to normal display mode.
  3. Turning pages: Click/tap the arrows on the left and right of the brochure to move forwards or backwards by a single page. You can also click/tap the top and bottom corners of any page to move forwards/backwards.
  4. Next/Previous: The top menu bar lets you click forward or backwards by a page or enter a page number.
  5. Start/End: Click/tap the Start/End icons at the lower left and right corners of the brochure.
  6. Visual Navigation: Thumbnails of each page are shown in a strip at the bottom of the brochure, simply click a page to go directly to that page.
  7. Table of Contents navigation: Click on a section in the table of contents to go directly to the product section.
  8. Download: Click the download icon in the brochure menu bar to download to your system.

Download feature: Return to Table of Contents: Each page has a green arrow at the base of every page which will return to the Table of Contents page (active on downloaded brochure).

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