St Annes Hospital Dorset - case study

About this project

With the rising number of mental health issues, companies like David Bailey Furniture Systems Ltd are facing new challenges in providing specialised fitted furniture systems to the NHS. The demand for furniture with anti-ligature properties, unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors, and anti-ligature hooks has increased as mental health care places more emphasis on patient safety and well-being.

This case study highlights David Bailey Furniture’s collaboration with Medical Architecture and Kier to supply bespoke specialist fitted furniture for Kimmeridge Court. An innovative inpatient unit at St Ann’s Hospital in Poole, Dorset, designed to provide a therapeutic retreat for individuals seeking treatment for eating disorders.


NHS Furniture

Traditional mirrors can pose significant risks when broken. To mitigate this, Kimmeridge Court incorporates unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors from David Bailey Furniture, that can withstand impact, reducing potential harm and ensuring patient well-being. Additionally, anti-ligature hooks with magnet or adhesive fixings are utilised, providing a secure alternative to traditional hooks and eliminating points of vulnerability. These innovative fixtures maintain a therapeutic space while preventing ligature attachment and ensuring patient safety.

Healthcare furniture for Kimmeridge Court

David Bailey Furniture played a crucial role in the development of Kimmeridge Court, supplying a wide range of other specialised fitted furniture systems. The company provided shelving, wall-mounted units for TVs, and other bespoke units for 10 bedrooms and ensuites. These fitted units incorporated polycarbonate mirrors, magnetic hooks, hygiene-friendly sloping tops, and secure fixings to prevent the removal of components that might cause injury. Additionally, disabled-friendly units and worktops were supplied for the kitchens, offices, and other areas of the building, emphasising inclusivity and accessibility.

With over 40 years of experience, David Bailey Furniture has been a trusted supplier of fitted furniture systems to the NHS. The company works closely with Hospital Trusts to ensure that their fitted furniture meets modern medical needs, particularly in the realm of mental health care.

Through its collaboration on the Kimmeridge Court project, David Bailey Furniture has contributed to the advancement of mental health care in the NHS and as its importance continues to grow, the company remains committed to playing its part in supporting initiatives that improve mental well-being.

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Images courtesy of: Jesus College, Oxford and MICA Architects.